Prices For All Massages Services *

30 Minutes: $40
60 Minutes: $60
90 Minutes: $90

* Unless otherwise specified.

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is one of the world’s oldest healing arts. It was created primarily for curative purposes rather than simply for relaxation. This technique of Thai massage is used to provide a deep muscle, full-body treatment, which includes both the stretching of muscles and joints and applied pressure to the “Sen lines” (energy lines).

Appropriate clothing for stretching is recommended (we provide the clothing for you).

Thai-Oil Combination Massage

Providing you with a combination of oriental and western styles of massage. A smooth kneading with proper pressure and gentle stretching that will rejuvenate your body.

Swedish (Relaxing) Massage

A classic Swedish massage that uses light to medium pressure with lotion or oil. Offering you a feeling of relaxation and calmness. Good for after exercises and/or on a day of weary body and mind.

Deep Tissue Massage

Suited for chronic complaints and injuries. Your therapist spends more time working clinically at the problem area and applies advanced techniques for treatment.

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth heated rocks are used as a thermo-therapy massage to release tight muscles, relieve pain and enhance energy flow in your body.


Certain areas on the feet correspond with various glands and organs of the body. Pressing exact locations on the feet stimulates corresponding organs (via energetic pathways) throughout the body to promote health. The result is relief of tension, improved circulation and increased vitality. The client sits in a comfortable reclining chair in our massage studio, while the therapist applies pressure from the toes to heel according to your comfort. Oil and lotion may be used.

Please note there is no 90 minute session for reflexology.

Recommend: Thai Herbal Bag

An herbal bag can be applied as a complement to massage. It consists of herbs and spices that are wrapped tightly in cotton and then immersed in hot water or a pot of steam. Main ingredients include plai (used to relax the muscles), lemongrass (as an astringent), turmeric (for detoxification) and camphor (relaxes the muscles and disinfects). Your therapist may apply the herbal bag by using soothing strokes for a full massage, and/or by pressing it on any part of the body to enhance therapy. The aroma of Thai herbs is truly a treatment that helps to relieve stress of weary bodies and minds.

Herbal bag added to any massage: $25

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